iPad Apps unlocking the isolation of autism

For scores of people with autism, the iPad has changed a lot that is fundamental. Autism parents came out in droves after news of Jobs’ death was announced to tell stories of how much Apple technology created under his leadership has changed the lives of their children.

The iPad in particular is revolutionary for many kids with autism. Its size and form are large enough for people with motor problems to navigate, yet it is still sleek and hip enough for children to use without standing out as obviously different.  Click here to read more.

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Using iPad apps as communication and learning tools for nonverbal children and those with symptoms of autism. Mobile platform games and education applications and accessories are highlighted.  Lauren Meatty, Regional Consultation Program, Schwartz Center for Children, North Dartmouth, MA Children’s Physical Developmental Clinic www.bridgew.edu/cpdc


3 thoughts on “iPad Apps unlocking the isolation of autism

  1. I’m sure it has many good uses, with symbols and all, but how does this help socially, interacting with humans.

    I think technology is also part of the problem with autistic kids. They rely on their “things” to interact with, be entertained by, and educated by and still avoid human contact.
    How to get them to put them down and be part of the bigger picture is the challenge

    • Dorothy, I think used as a tool, it will help “train the brain” to focus. Keeping the mind focused is difficult, having a tool to help build the ability to focus may help them to focus on a person’s face to pick up signals on how others feel. The same principles as doing crossword puzzles or cross stitch helps the elderly prevent alzheimer’s.

  2. Thanks, I’m sure you’re right, It does train the brain, and the kids love it and will spend hours on the computer,and listening to iPhone..

    I did say that, it’s that the austic kids I work with rely on it, and disappear into it.

    Some autistic kids are techno-geniuses and rely on it for everything.
    Getting them to talk to me or others is the problem encounter with them.

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