Vancouver girl kills herself after being bullied, family says
By Maria Mangicaro

VANCOUVER, Wash:  Sadly, another young victim of bullying is reported to have committed suicide.   The family of  14-year-old Eden Wormer claims excessive bullying in school led to Eden taking her own life.

 Eden’s family stated that she tried to get the bullies to stop and that she endured emotional torture for a two-year period.  Eden was an eighth grade student at Cascade Middle School in Northeast Vancouver.   Her father found her body on Wednesday morning after she had hung herself.

On Eden’s Facebook page her classmates posted messages about bullying. One post reads: “It’s sad to think it took someone to kill themselves for everyone to realize what bullying can truly do.”

News reports state that the Vancouver police have not found any evidence to indicate the bullying rose to the level of a crime. The Evergreen School District is still investigating.

School officials say they can’t comment on individual cases. They can only say they take bullying seriously.

“About 100 people came out to the vigil on campus Thursday night. They came to remember Eden Wormer, to mourn her, but also to talk about bullying. With permission from each of their parents these children shared their stories. They wanted to talk about their experiences because of Eden.”  Click  here to view.

Youtube Credits:  Uploaded by on Mar  2, 2012

This video is dedicated to all the kids that stand up to bullying and those who choose to make a difference in the lives of kids who are bullied. Fifty cents from every download of both versions of “Never Ever” from iTunes and everywhere else digital music is sold will be donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center (
Video Produced & Directed by Dawn Bierschwal ( Music Track Produced by David Griffin & Ashley Shepherd Shot & Edited by Doug Baker Featuring Mark “Tiger Ninja” Lopez, Shelby Carper, “Drew T” Hamilton and the Kids from Sycamore Junior High.
A special thanks to the Sycamore Junior High and especially Principal Naber and Ms. Parks for sharing their amazing kids with us.
“Never Ever” available on iTunes: Featuring D Griff:

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3 thoughts on “Vancouver girl kills herself after being bullied, family says

  1. This is so tragic and the answers are right in front of us…
    Imagine if the 100 people who came out for her vigil had supported her while she was beng bullied, there would have been no need for suicide. She would have flet loved…and the bullied would have stopped.

    The other component is the Vancouver Police! They need to be educated about bullying and it’s lethal response. What could possibly be the criteria to make bullying “criminal”?

    • Hi i thinki have the answer to that. Well you see Bullies are considered criminals because they cause others to cause their suicides and i think that is foolish so i don’t understand why they do it.

  2. I think that people that bully are childish people and they don’t have a life so they pick on others but you see what th;ey have done to Amanda and Eden both were good people but other people hated on them so foolish people SSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have commrnt on what i said email me but only if your against bullying. Other people GROW UP!!!!
    My email is

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