Training Lecture on Psychiatric Drugs: the important association between psychiatric drugs, medical illness, and premature death.

Psychiatric Drugs


Training Lecture #1

Grace E. Jackson, MD

My name is Dr. Grace Jackson. This presentation was originally prepared by me in 2010, when I was working as a clinician and Medical Director within several agencies that deliver publicly funded services to the mentally ill. The information which appears below is intended for health care professionals and non-professionals alike, in order to introduce the important association between psychiatric drugs, medical illness, and premature death.

Financial disclosures:

This presentation was entirely self-funded by the author with no outside support. Between 2003 and 2008, the author served as an expert witness in several civil cases involving privacy and patient autonomy (the right to decline toxic drugs). In 2007 and 2008, the author provided written testimony on behalf of plaintiffs in three product liability cases involving antidepressants and suicide. The author owns no stock holdings or patents in pharmaceutical companies or their products. The author has never participated in pharmaceutical company speakers’ bureaus or advisory boards, has never received pharmaceutical company funding for research or travel, and has never participated in the ghostwriting or sponsored authorship of publications. The author is not employed, paid, or sponsored by any religious organization or church, academic department, medical school, contract research organization, or association of mental health or medical professionals.

Outline of Lecture

I. Major Classes of Psychiatric Drugs

II. America’s Drug Problem

III. Killing the Mentally Ill

IV. Psychiatric Drug Toxicity


This presentation has four goals:

1) to introduce the major families of psychiatric medications

2) to explain current trends in the USA’s consumption of pharmaceuticals

3) to describe the kinds of medical conditions which commonly affect patients who receive mental health care from publicly funded sources (e.g., Medicaid)


4) to explain the serious health risks which are associated with psychiatric drug treatments.

Click here  to download Training Lecture on Psychiatric Drugs by Dr. Grace Jackson

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12 thoughts on “Training Lecture on Psychiatric Drugs: the important association between psychiatric drugs, medical illness, and premature death.

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  2. Thank you to Grance Jackson MD for this paper on how drugs are harming people all over the world. The most interesting part for me is the information about brain repair. I am trying to hard to repair my brain after being on Klonopin for 17 years…a very small dose, but very powerful indeed.
    I have been off the drug for two years and am now tapering off of an a/d Prozac and trying so very hard to do everything that I can to help myself heal. I still suffer anxiety, shaking at times and depression. Most of my physical side effects have lessened to a great degree. I am 67 years old and feel that the rest of my life will be spent trying to recover my real self once again. This has been the most harrowing time of my life. I only wish that more physicians would understand the harm they are doing to us when they hand out these drugs as if they are candy.
    Thank you for your part in helping to educate them…
    Ruth Hetrick

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