Disable Bullying: Lauren Potter (Glee Star) Speaks Out

Youtube Credits:  Uploaded by on Feb 15, 2011

Lauren Potter of Glee and her mother Robin Sinkhorn speak out against the bullying of children with special needs. 

If you’re inspired by their words, we invite you to join them by sharing your story with us here. Learn more about how to Disable Bullying at www.AbilityPath.org

Disable  Bullying!  Five easy steps anyone can  take to help disable bullying:

Educate. Change starts with each  individual. Stereotypes and misconceptions about disabilities and special needs  still exist in our classrooms and communities. Parents, educators and community  leaders should lead by example so others can follow in demystifying myths which  perpetuate the problem. Learn about different special needs or disability awareness programs including www.pacer.org/bullying  and www.gatepath.com/disthis.

Video: View and Share Lauren Potter’s Message to Disable Bullying!

Ask Questions.  Many youth with special needs sometimes  aren’t aware they are being bullied or language and speech delays affect  communication. Caregivers and educators need to frame questions that allow insight  into schoolyard or online activity. Learn more about the signs and a list of  sample question.

Speak Up. If one suspects or  witnesses a child with special needs being bullied, speak up, notify educators,  parents, politicians or community leaders. Don’t be a bystander. A zero  tolerance for bullies should exist in our communities. Write to local media,  principals, legislatures or share your story on www.abilitypath.org.

Build CommUNITY. Children with  special needs and their families are important member of each community. Invite  them or their parents to participate in book clubs, PTA meetings, church  groups, block parties, play dates and birthday parties. Get to know the  neighbors regardless of their ability; it benefits the family, child with  special needs AND the entire neighborhood as well. Students can create  community by creating disability awareness programs or simply becoming a friend  to a student with a disability. Civic leaders should always keep in mind this  vulnerable demographic when voting or creating legislation to protect students. Connect with families in your community

Disable Bullying. Share the  possibilities and successes of people with special needs through each person’s  social network.  Examples include:   – Write an inspiring  blog on AbilityPath.org   – Join the Special  Olympics and Best Buddies’ “Spread the Word to End the Word” petition   – Post Glee’s Lauren  Potter’s “Disable Bullying” video  on Facebook

Please help abilitypath.org continue  to bring national awareness, quality information, and a voice to the issues of  families with children of special needs by donating today.

Bullying: Special Needs ResourcesAbilityPath.org provides a variety of resources for parents, teachers and professionals to help disable bullying. Do you have a resource to share? Contact us

Parent Toolkits and Resources

Teacher Toolkits and Resources

Cyberbully Resources

Anti-Bully Websites  and Organizations

Disable Bullying.  Join the Conversation! Create Your Own Group  or Event to Disable Bullying

Please help abilitypath.org continue  to bring national awareness, quality information, and a voice to the issues of  families with children of special needs by donating today.

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